Managed WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting is fast becoming the most popular way to host a website online. In a nutshell, WordPress hosting provides a platform that allows webmasters to create, upload and manage websites. You can either choose a free WordPress site builder or a premium dedicated server (dedicated, meaning you will be solely responsible for your own website). Either way, the end result is the same: a fully functioning website that you control from your hosting provider.

The most common WordPress hosting scenario is with a managed hosting provider. Managed hosts provide a platform upon which you can manage and install WordPress, as well as a variety of other things like content management and other plug-ins. Most managed hosts have their own themes engine, which means that you can build a site with WordPress without worrying about things like building a theme engine from scratch. WordPress also includes a number of great third party add-ons like YouTube video hosting and beautiful custom graphics.

In general, WordPress Hosting provides the best combination of versatility and reliability that WordPress hosts can offer. The fact is, WordPress has grown so much in popularity that not only does it have a long list of extensions available, but there are literally thousands of third party add-ons available as well. As a result, people who use WordPress as their web platform of choice now have a wide range of add-ons to help them customize their sites and make their sites run faster and better than ever. One downside to WordPress, however, is that it’s fairly slow at loading images and graphics. That’s why many web site owners opt to utilize a different type of hosting, whether through shared hosts or VPS.

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